Saturday, August 20, 2005

Authors Who Want Their Books Banned

Have we all notice the cute little "Flag" link in the upper right-hand corner?

If they are going to start flagging blogs, I must admit that I would love the ability to browse the "unlisted" blogs. While I doubt (hope!) that they would use this feature as a means to censor voices of the revolution, I have to believe that there is a certain "family values" element to this new feature.

Does that mean that blogs will start getting flagged for using the word "FUCK", or "Cocksucker"? Or will they be flagged for saying christianity is stupid and religion is for the weak? Of course, they describe it as being used to remove potentially illegal content, I would have to question what this content is! If drug dealers are using blogs to arrange meetings, they deserve to have it public, because they deserve to be caught. I guess blackmail, or child porn are other areas of the underworld that could use blogs, but again, I hope that they are reported and get caught.

(I would like a segue to further point out that both blackmail and ESPECIALLY child porn belong in a category far more disgusting, gross, and inhuman than drug use/dealing. Drugs should be decriminalized. Child pornographers should be thrown into the general population of the worst prisons forever and denied any form of protection. Medical aid should be provided only when they are about to die...this will provide a longer life, so that they can exist in general population a little bit longer.)

[Back on subject]
So, if there really is a crime being committed, the "unlisted" concept is virtually pointless. The only other category would be content that is objectionable when measured against a defined moral yardstick. In these days of Bush and the christian regime, I have a real hard time with that...Unless the ability to browse "unlisted" blogs is provided.

Since plenty of people want their blog to be completely unlisted and only to be encountered by people typing in a specific address, that means that there needs to (should be) a specific difference between the two. I want people to be able to find my words stating (what I perceive to be) the problems with the government, religion, and society in general. I don't want little four year olds to read my language, but I do want any adult that's looking for viewpoints to be able to find my viewpoint.

If there is an "adults only" flag, then I'm fine with it, and would even request that my blog be put into that list. If using the word FUCK is going to get me flagged because some parent can't sit with their four year old kids when they are online, then I will blame the fucking parents and say that this flagging crap is bullshit.

As I have not been flagged, I have no idea how this system is going to be run. But I will not stop using the word fuck. Or perhaps, I will just have to get off my own ass and set up my own blogging site where there is a difference between being unlisted, and being flagged as "not for christians that are afraid of the real fucking world".


Blogger Curt said...

I agree. I hate this new feature. Here's a blog that removed the bar altogether, with instructions for how to do it.

August 21, 2005 12:54 PM  
Blogger ethan said...

My understanding was the "flag" button is a method to alert the Blogger staff to blog spam pages - just heaps of trash with links to all the same site, or keyword lists to drive up ad revenue. Hopefully blogs won't be banned for freedom of speech - and won't be banned just because they're flagged either.

August 21, 2005 1:52 PM  

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