Tuesday, July 26, 2005


The beginning is always an important point. Too bad I'm wasting it on this stupid test post...

But I suppose I should state something usefull like "What do I believe in" or "My Special Interests", or some such bullshit.

So here's my list of bullshit:
  • Strong Atheism and anti-theism - I frequently feel the need to rant about my frustration inherant in being an atheist in Goerge W. Bush's American. Seperation of Church and State my ass.
  • Cars - I dig cars and motorcycles. Mostly Honda/Acura, but I'm open.
  • Standard Geek crap - I'm a software engineer, so I get paid to be a geek...Conveniently, I enjoy being a geek.
  • Poker - I fallen into that pit. Have don'e a good job of not signing up for any online poker accounts though
  • Sports - Boston Red Sox and New England Patriots. What a lucky fan I am, but don't worry...Sox fans are still pessimists. We still suffer on a daily basis.
  • Boston in general
  • United State in general
  • Being a corporate slave in general
  • Fighting the allure of conformity and non-conformity at the same time.
  • Pissing and moaning in general
  • Cheering and rabelrousing in general
  • Poor spelling in general

Well, my guess is that I should learn to keep these a little shorter...So I'll piss off for now.


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