Tuesday, July 26, 2005


It was in the past few months that I encountered the term anti-theism. I took to it immediately. It is a belief that religion is bad. A stance in opposition to theism.

However, there is a large difference between atheism and anti-theism. I happen to be both. But it is possible to believe in the existence of some form of supreme (or not-so-supreme) being, but still believe that religion is bad.

Religion, in general, has caused incalcuble numbers of deaths throughout history. I don't think that this is even possible to debate. The Crussades, the witch hunts, and the Holocaust put the number in the millions EASILY, and that's just christians...and far from all of the instances that have been recorded.

In a more modern sense, religion continues to propogate fear of an after-life throughout the masses. "If you sin, the devil will get you". And then there's the concept that life is just a trial upon which all will be judged in some after-life...The implication that this is nothing compared to the beauty of heaven. I refered to this earlier today as a "meta-physical grass is always greener" concept. And I think its bullshit.

Religion has simply taken advantage of the mass' desire for immortality. A desire that I have never understood. Take what you get. Any day above ground is a good day...

But this is only addressing the monotheistic religions stemming from the Bible and Koran. And of course, there's plenty more that can be said...


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