Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Stretching for Jesus


A-hem...sorry...let me say that again: Stretching for Jesus

BAWHAWHAWHAW....Nope. Still too funny to take seriously. Check this lunacy out:


"she has had to convince potential students that meditation is not anti-Christ."

It never ceases to amaze me how much people live religion. It is absolutely insane. That someone took a yoga class, and actually FELT UNCOMFORTABLE ABOUT MEDITATING is absurd. For someone to think that a physical exersize that is twice as old (more) as the christian religion IS ANTI-CHRIST is absurd.

I can see the hindu's getting pretty miffed about it, but I also think its fairly absurd to consider yoga as part of your religion...But then again, I do find religion as a whole pretty absurd.

I'm going to start praying, but modify it so that it is beneficial to atheists. Call it "inner-prayer". It will focus the mind inward instead of upward, and will call on the practitioner to think about Nothing instead of about god.

This is basically what this christian lunatic has done to yoga...

And yes, I realize I just described meditation...that's the point.


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