Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Starbucks gets god-y

So, Starbucks is going to start putting a god quote on their cups:
Starbucks gets god-y

My first thought is FUCK STARBUCKS. But, I've had that thought for quite some time now, so its no big thing.

My second thought is BOYCOTT STARBUCKS. But then I read on a little. Apparently, the whole purpose of putting these quotes on the cups is to promote discussion and thought. There are all sorts of quotes on all of the cups, including scientific thoughts, thoughts on evolution, and general philosophy. I can respect that.

It is not what the other companies in the article are doing. The other companies are announcing their faith and forcing customers to carry faith-based merchandise when they leave the store. THAT should be boycotted.

Starbucks is taking the different approach of providing diverse quotes that invoke thought and discussion. So instead of boycotting them, I think I will hang out at Starbucks (and buy their coffee/hot choc) and start up conversations with anyone that has a god-based quote about how there is no god.

This sounds like a lot more fun!!!


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