Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Red Sox Nation is TIRED

My second job as a Red Sox fan is killing me. It is consuming my energy and my brain. At no point in the season did I think it could come down to THIS!!

Five games left, and the Sox are in a dead tie with the Evil Empire and the Indians...And only two out of the three of us are going to the post season.

FIVE GAMES LEFT!!! Aaaarrgghhh!!!

And of course, there are no off days. No days of rest. Hell, yesterday was a double header!

Throw into the mix that Sunday's game will be on at the EXACT SAME TIME as the Patriot's game, and I start to spin.

Well, if we win the next four, it won't matter. If we win the next four, Sunday doesn't matter. We will have been even with the Evil Empire going into our series with them on Friday, then beaten them twice to go up two games, and that will be all.

I can't take it. Whatever the outcome, I just want it to be over....

(Damn, I love this game!)


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