Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Castlebar Castle Bar

So I am helping out a friend/business partner. We are business partners in the sense that I give him money and he gives me beer. We both benefit.

He is my bartender. He is also the operator/manager of the bar. That bar is The Castlebar. Not Castle Bar. It is Castlebar.

Anyway, he knows NOTHING about this whole interweb thingy, but he thought it would be a good idea for the bar to have a website. I happen to know a little bit about this whole interweb thingy and told him I would help him out.

Happily, he doesn't know enough about the web to know that the page I made for him is pretty icky. I plan on making it better and even spoke to him last night, but he's not paying me, so there's no hurry. You see, if he pays me for the website, then I HAVE to do the work. No pay, and I can be casual about it. If he EMPLOYS me, then there is a chance that I would get uncomfortable going into my bar. And I would rather do work for free than be uncomfortable in my bar. There are priorities, people.

Anyway, I've noticed that it's getting a little bit better finding the right site when doing a Google search, but it's still not quite there. So I am taking advantage of all of you and exposing you to an ad.

That's right! This is just one giant ad! The only reason I made this post was for a higher slot on a Google search.

Anyway, it's a good bar. All the bartenders there are quite good and friendly. And there's a slight off chance that you MIGHT run into me there. Maybe.

Now that you've read the ad, you might as well check the website: www.castlebarboston.com


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