Thursday, June 22, 2006

Honda is Forcing the Issue

Acura will be releasing their first production line Forced Induction engine, ever.

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It will be pushing their mini-vans, but it is still a production Honda turbo. This is a fantastic way to try out the technology on production vehicles that aren't overly performance oriented. Once they get the kinks out of the system, they can start to consider slapping a turbo onto the Civics and the Integras (RSX in the states). Probably earlier than that, they will put one in an Accord or a TSX or TL. They want to be able to compete a bit more with BMW, right now on the high end lines.

Then they can look at taking back the sport compact titles that they used to have.

BUT, if you're thinking about taking this monstorous engine and throwing it in your current Civic or Teg...well...think again. Motor mounts are different. Height is big. And the tranny may not match up either.

But this is one of the most exciting things I've seen from Acura in a long time. I've maintained some pride that they never took the Forced Induction route that gave Subaru and Mitsubishi the edge. But I've also spent enough time looking at Honda being in third place.

And then I think about a 2010 Honda Integra Turbo Type R AWD...

A-hem. Pardon me.


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