Monday, July 02, 2007

Fuck Harley's

This is an instant messenger session between myself and a friend of mine. It's been a little while since I voiced my disdain for the Harley brand, and I think I did a reasonably fine job of it here.
(I have corrected some spelling mistakes, but have kept the words and flow in their original form)
[14:34] bostongraf: Hell, it's feasible that I could have a motorcycle by saturday, and this is all moot!
[14:35] qabacon: ooooh?
[14:35] bostongraf: (how much would that rock!)
[14:35] qabacon: what kind?
[14:35] bostongraf: Up in the air
[14:35] qabacon: I have a friend selling a barely used sportster cheap just to dump it
[14:35] bostongraf: I would love a Katana or a CBR or a Ninja
[14:35] qabacon: ah wrong market
[14:35] bostongraf: or a SV650
[14:35] bostongraf: I am a sport bike kinda guy
[14:36] qabacon: I could see that
[14:36] bostongraf: Fuck american bikes. They sound like shit and run even worse
[14:36] qabacon: I'm not ;-)
[14:36] qabacon: ouch!
[14:36] qabacon: though when it comes right down to it I'd buy a Honda Shadow
[14:36] bostongraf: The only american product worse than american cars is american bikes
[14:36] qabacon: it's pretty much a harley with a different exhaust
[14:36] qabacon: and much cheaper, and more efficient
[14:37] bostongraf: Right. And they actually take advantage of technology developed after the 1960's
[14:37] qabacon: right
[14:37] qabacon: actually honda and harley co-developed the engine
[14:37] qabacon: harley design fine tuned by honda
[14:37] qabacon: and they both use it
[14:38] bostongraf: Yeah, harley throws the engine into a frame with a couple paper clips and staples. Honda actually uses it
[14:38] qabacon: ha!
[14:38] bostongraf: Then Harley sued Honda to make sure it didn't SOUND like a Harley.
[14:38] bostongraf: great priorities, guys
[14:39] qabacon: wasn't that in the prenuptual agreement?
[14:40] bostongraf: Actually, I think you're right
[14:40] bostongraf: Honda could use the sound for a couple of years
[14:40] qabacon: harley had exclusive use of the engine for 5 or 10 years then honda could use it
[14:40] bostongraf: Oh, is it the other way around?
[14:40] qabacon: but only if it didn't make the potatot potato sound
[14:40] qabacon: yes harley got the better end of the deal
[14:41] qabacon: well, aside from finance. i don't know how that all worked out
[14:41] bostongraf: The funny thing is that Honda actually KEPT DEVELOPING engines and doesn't need anything from that design anymore
[14:41] qabacon: true
[14:41] qabacon: and you pay about half price for the honda and is more economical for the same/better bike
[14:41] bostongraf: While it was the first advance in HD technology since LITERALLY the early seventies
[14:41] qabacon: you just pay for the name with harley
[14:41] qabacon: hahahaha
[14:42] qabacon: my friend selling that 3k miles sportster with lost of extras on it wants like 4k and is open to better offers
[14:42] qabacon: I'm seriosuly considering it but I have nowhere to put it
[14:42] qabacon: so I can't
[14:42] qabacon: :-(
[14:42] bostongraf: Since then they have developed the Buell bikes, but I don't think there has been any carryover into the classic line
[14:42] qabacon: haven't paid close enough attention
[14:43] bostongraf: If you haven't noticed, the whole harley concept kinda pisses me off.
[14:44] qabacon: I see
[14:44] bostongraf: I see it as a seriously grotesque aspect of american counter culture that is not about freedom and livelihood, but is simply about status, degrading women, and crime
[14:45] bostongraf: Which would ALMOST be okay, except it's associated with a poor quality product that should have been removed from the market two decades ago
[14:46] qabacon: yikes
[14:46] qabacon: I can see where you're coming from
[14:46] qabacon: but still; yikes
[14:46] bostongraf: One of the things that opened my eyes was riding around on a ninja for a couple of summers. I learned REAL fast that HD guys do not wave at sport bike guys
[14:46] qabacon: true
[14:46] bostongraf: Sport bike guys wave at everybody
[14:47] qabacon: well, it is the "Harley Wave"
[14:47] qabacon: it's been adopted by other riders
[14:48] bostongraf: So these slime that ride around with their rent-a-whores think they can look down on a superior product that costs significantly less money because they have a fucking HD badge on theirs
[14:48] qabacon: right
[14:48] qabacon: well, some of them
[14:48] qabacon: don't know how many
[14:48] bostongraf: It's no more appealing to me than some bitch with a prada bag
[14:48] qabacon: hahaha
[14:48] bostongraf: Only the harley is an more inferior product than the prada
[14:49] qabacon: graf?
[14:49] bostongraf: yes?
[14:49] qabacon: how do you really feel?
[14:49] qabacon: don't hold back ;-)
[14:49] bostongraf: I think I want to print this session out and make a blog out of it
[14:49] qabacon: hahaha