Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Big step for Nanotech

"That's six orders of magnitude greater - equivalent to a piston moving a millimetre in the macroscopic world and being able to lift an object twice the height of the CN Tower."

Excellent article that keeps the science talk understandable.

I envision nanotech as the cure for cancer. A bunch of micromachines (okay, nano-machines) running around my veins finding cancerous cells and shooting them with little tiny nano lasers.

The other vision I have is an inhalant that you use the morning after smoking fifteen packs of cigarettes. One shot into your lungs, and little nano machines fly around gobbling up the tar coating the inside chest...

Hell, we could use nanotech as a way to sober up near instantly. Drink a nano-drink, and the buggers circulate around your body gobbling up alcohol/THC/MDMA molecules. Bang! You're sober!

That's what we need. Nano-tech solutions that allow us to do drugs, yet still function in society. Count me in.


Blogger fellswoop said...

My goodness, just think about the opportunity for mischief!

Nanobots sent to shoot all of your healthy cells with lasers and leave only the cancerous ones!

September 07, 2005 3:54 PM  

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