Friday, July 27, 2007

Sister Mary

My routine of having no car is pretty well established at this point. Wait for bus, get off bus, hop on train, hop off train, walk to work. Then, at the end of day, walk to train, hop on train, hop off train, wait for bus, hop off bus, get home.

All of the time that I am not hopping, or walking, I am reading a book or filling in sudoku's. Okay, sometimes I'm looking at pretty girls, but I SHOULD be reading a book or filling in sudoku's.

So on the way home today, I walk to train, hop on then off train, and sit down to wait for bus...

SM: "Hi, I'm Sister Mary of the [get in your face] church. What's your name?"

BG: "[BostonGraf]"

SM: "We have a table set up over there that has a lot of [brainwashing techniques]"

BG: "Yeah, I'm an atheist, and am really all set"

SM: "Oh, well, do you believe in family?"

BG: "Yep."

SM: "Well, we have lots of information that [can brainwash them too]"

BG: "Yeah, but it requires belief in something that doesn't exist. I'm really all set."

SM: "Can you tell me what made you not believe in [invisible all seeing sky buddy]?"

BG: "Sure. Logic. I looked at all of the myths and religions around me when I was very young and realized that morals are good, and all the myths and stories all have the same morals but different characters. And I don't need to believe in the characters to agree with the morals. So it makes sense to treat them like fiction."

SM: "Well, I know that I have had my prayers answered by [invisible all seeing sky buddy]"

BG: "But don't you agree that it is better to be good for the sake of being good, than doing so because of some punishment/reward you might receive after you no longer exist?"

SM: "Oh, it's not based on a reward system! [invisible all seeing sky buddy] has many mansions for all those that are judged, and after this life he will sort some into some houses and others into others"

BG: "But if you don't do his bidding, you will go to hell, right?"

SM: "Well, [invisible all seeing sky buddy] will decide that based on your actions and desires."

BG: "But the Greeks taught us that we all die and have to cross the river Styx and will be judged below the earth, and there are many different levels and outcomes from that judgement, and those stories were around before your stories."

SM: "But I KNOW that with prayer to [invisible all seeing sky buddy], all will believe if they have faith in their prayers."

BG: "So you have to HAVE faith to propagate faith. There's really no REASON to have faith. And BLIND faith is the only way to REALLY have faith."

SM: [says something that I don't hear because bus is pulling up]

BG: "Yeah, that's my bus. I got to go." [start walking, she follows]

SM: "But you won't know it's too late until it's too late! When we are all judged by [invisible all seeing sky buddy]"

BG: "Oooohh...I see..." [gets on bus]

Now, I've engaged in MANY conversations about the existence of god, and felt as though I've won some, and felt as though I've lost some. This one, I felt I won. But that's not the point. The point is that I had three sudokus in my hand (easy, beginner, and professional) , and I know that I need that wait period at the bus stop to do the easy one to get my brain going to finish the other two by the end of my bus ride.

And this broad just took away my waiting period! So, I didn't get to finish my freakin sudokus by the time I got off the bus. The nerve of these people! Don't they know that they interfere with people's lives with their crap. They can cause some real damage if they don't watch out...She's only lucky there wasn't a pretty girl I was trying to watch! Then there woulda been trouble.


Blogger cake said...

"Invisible all seeing sky buddy" cracked me up! Too funny!

Oh, I wouldn't have been able to talk to her like that with a straight face. Very nicely done! You probably gave her a headache that'll take weeks to kick. ::high fives::

July 28, 2007 11:59 AM  
Anonymous suz said...

Well done! Imagine if you brought up the Flying Spaghetti Monster...

August 02, 2007 8:15 AM  

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