Monday, August 25, 2008

Getting Through The Legends

1,557 pages done. 2 books completed. 53 Pages into The Battle of Corrin. 6,606 pages across 13 books remaining.

The Machine Crusade ended well, and the short story that was at the end of it was required reading before going on to the next book. While I gave mediocre reviews of the start of The Machine Crusade, it picked up steam and had some very nice twists and turns all the way through the second half.

Overall, I’m quite satisfied with how it’s going. I must admit to being sick of the robot Erasmus. I just don’t see the real need for some of the crap integrated into the story. It could be a lot cleaner, and it feels like they use his character just for shock value at this point. Personally, I would enjoy the character if they kept him more philosophical instead of trying to come up with more and more horrifying things for him to do.

Okay, going by this pace, I have 178.2 days of reading left. The pace has picked up a little. We’ll see if I can maintain. After the book I’m currently on, I will get into a stretch of books that I have already read. Will be interesting to see if that picks up my pace or slows me down...


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