Thursday, August 02, 2007

Henry Rollins Show

I'm not sure if anyone has checked out the Henry Rollins Show on IFC, but it is definitely worth the half hour it consumes. I've seen some fantastic interviews with people I'm actually interested in:

Larry Flynt
Christopher Walkens
Gene Simmons
Russell Simmons
Dude from Rage Against the Machine
Dude from System of a Down
A couple Iraq veterans
And a couple others that aren't popping into my head.

But a key to remember is that it's Henry Rollins interviewing these people! It is uncensored, and almost always takes a political slant that I usually agree with (not always). There's a "Teeing Off" segment right at the start of the show, then the main interview, then another short that is usually either Henry or Janeane Garofalo kicking some perspective, and that's followed by a musical guest. The musical guest does a one song in the studio, and then the show is done.

There is no studio audience.

I'm terrible at remembering the musical guests but I have seen Bob Mould (who is one of my fav's). The episode I saw last night had The Pogues. Holy shit. That dude was wasted. I should put a capital W on that...Fuck it. All caps.

That dude was WASTED.

He was plowed. He could barely stand up. You couldn't understand the words he was saying...and that was BEFORE he started singing: "Fuck Bush...something something rrrggrgrr..." His fingers were brown and yellow stained from smoking. His teeth looked like they had been knocked out in a bar fight. And his eyes had the classic red glaze of whiskey and Guinness.

I loved it.

The show is worth checking out. Set your DVR to record it. It's on a couple times per week on IFC. Usually, it's a pretty late-night program. Very enjoyable, and always leaves you feeling like you learned something, or want to do something. A little different from most programs out there.


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