Thursday, July 06, 2006

Fusic - I Dig It

I got a new phone.

So what, you say. Hell, that's what I would say if you told me you got a new phone.

But this one is different!

Bullshit, you say. Hell, that's what...Bah, you get the picture.

Anyway, I got this new phone. It is exciting to me for a couple of reasons. The first being that I have never gone out and purchased a new phone without there being some form of catastrophe that forced me to get a new phone. (Theft, damage, etc...) So it's neat to just have a new phone, and that be the story, unto itself.

It is also exciting because it is actually a pretty cool phone. It's new. Super new, actually. So new that it isn't even available on the Sprint PCS website yet! Here is a link:

LG Fusic

I'll start with my biggest (and only, so far) complaint. It is pearl white. It isn't flat white, which would be worse. And nor is it pink. But it's white. I may end up spray painting it, or getting some model paint for it. But white is not good.

Now the cool shit:
  1. Has a memory card. Comes with 64 MB. Can buy a 1GB card for under 50 bucks. Sweet.
  2. Has a 1.3 MegaPixel camera, and camcorder. Has a flash, as well.
  3. Comes WITH a USB cable, and a feature that turns the phone into a USB Flash drive. This is VERY sweet. Complaint about GF's camera phone is that the only way to get pics OFF of the phone is to spend money on some picture mailing service. Fuck that. The Fusic is drag and drop, baby. This USB cable will come in handy for some of the other REALLY cool shit...
  4. USB cable can plug right into my Canon printer and print pics right off the phone. Will probably never use it, but I dig that ability.
  5. USB cable lets me pull pictures from PC onto phone. Those pics can then be assigned as the backgrounds for either screen, and can be assigned as photo id's. Again, I dig it because I don't have to spend four bucks on some bullshit theme that will expire in 90 days anyway.
  6. [Begin REALLY cool shit] This phone plays music. All formats. MP3. AAC. WMA. MP4. etc.
  7. USB cable can be used to transfer music from PC direct to phone. Again, I don't have to pay Sprint to use their weak-ass selection of hip-hop trash. I bought the CD once, I want to be able to play it everywhere.
  8. This phone has a BUILT-IN FM TRANSMITTER. That's right. You know that add-on that you have to get for the iPod or whatever that lets you listen to what the thing is playing through your radio? BUILT-IN!! Comes with it. I bought the phone last night (JUST the phone), and I listened to MY music on the way to work this morning in my car. No wires. No add-ons. Just glory. Sweet sweet glory.

So that concludes the ultra-fabulous stuff that I know about my phone in the five waking hours that I've had it. I recommend it, so far. I'm sure I will piss and moan as soon as something sucks about it.

But do me a favor. DON'T BUY ONE!! I want to be the coolest kid on the block for a little while. I've never been the guy with the newest phone, before...