Thursday, October 27, 2005

Wicked Smaht

The list of smartest states is out:

2005-2006 Smartest State Award

I'd like to point out that New England occupies the top three spots, four out of the top five, and the lowest ranking of any New England state is just 16.

(We all knew that RI was the "most not smart" of the New Englanders.)

Also note that all NE states have positive Ratings, while the (slight) majority of the country has negative ratings.

Also note that NE occupied the top three states last year, as well.

There you have it people.

Yes, we are smarter than you. Yes, we always knew this. Yes, we look down on you.

Every SciFi Vision Comes True


Pods Drive Themselves

I love seeing visions of the future come true.


One of the cleanest parody sites around. I think I'll be spending some time around this new site:

Religious Freaks

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Starbucks gets god-y

So, Starbucks is going to start putting a god quote on their cups:
Starbucks gets god-y

My first thought is FUCK STARBUCKS. But, I've had that thought for quite some time now, so its no big thing.

My second thought is BOYCOTT STARBUCKS. But then I read on a little. Apparently, the whole purpose of putting these quotes on the cups is to promote discussion and thought. There are all sorts of quotes on all of the cups, including scientific thoughts, thoughts on evolution, and general philosophy. I can respect that.

It is not what the other companies in the article are doing. The other companies are announcing their faith and forcing customers to carry faith-based merchandise when they leave the store. THAT should be boycotted.

Starbucks is taking the different approach of providing diverse quotes that invoke thought and discussion. So instead of boycotting them, I think I will hang out at Starbucks (and buy their coffee/hot choc) and start up conversations with anyone that has a god-based quote about how there is no god.

This sounds like a lot more fun!!!

Friday, October 14, 2005

Recall Total Recall?

This will bring that wallpaper TV into reality:

Imagine what acid trips will be like when your wallpaper really is moving!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Bring on the snow!

Just had Sears order me a full set of Bridgestone Blizzak WS-10 tires. These are the studless snow and ice tires.

Tire Rack Write Up

(BTW: The Sears price w/ install is gonna be $450. Very acceptable.)

I get them installed next week. Bring on the MFn snow!!

I'm one of them, too.

The world is full of freakin morons. Idiots that can't think two seconds ahead. And idiots that can't learn a lesson from 2 seconds back.

There are times when I am one of these freakin idiots.

May of 2004. I do a craig's list trade where I acquire a 10GB iPod. Excellent. I get it. I charge it. I hop on the train with it. It dies in about 8 minutes. Dead battery.

Now I've read enough about iPods to know that there is a potential issue with a generation or two of iPods. This issue is that the battery fails. It can't hold a charge. And you have to spend about 100 bucks on it to get it to work again.

Well, it wasn't the only thing I got in the trade, so I wasn't too concerned. I put it on a shelf for about 15 months, ignoring it. Then my GF wanted to get a charger/transmitter so that she could listen to it on a long drive. Cool. Battery issue not a problem. Let's get this thing up and running. Load a bunch of tunes on there. Diggin it.

So I decide to check out exactly how bad this battery issue is. I press play and leave it alone...Check on it after five minutes...going fine. Ten...fine. Thirty minutes. Fine. Two hours. Fine. Eight fuckin hours. Battery issue, my ass! This thing is fucking fine! I've had a 10GB iPod shelved for 15 months because I was a freakin idiot and didn't actually verify that something was actually wrong.

Step back to July of 2004. I am installing my car alarm. Never had a car project quite as intensive. Took me about 22 hours. Only real problem that I had was once I hooked the alarm up to the corner lights, my parking lights no longer worked. They flashed when the alarm switched on/off. And the turn signals worked. But the parking lights didn't go on when I turned my headlights on.

I checked the connections. I checked the swicthes. I checked the fuses. I checked the relays. I unhooked the alarm. Nothing. No matter what I did, those parking lights were not coming on.

No biggie. I had my turn signals. It would be fine . I'll look into "some other time".

Flash forward to yesterday (FIFTEEN MONTHS LATER). My turn signal went out. Time to change the bulbs. Badda boom badda bing. Get the new bulb in there. Guess what. The fucking parking lights are working fine all of a freakin sudden. I added an hour and a half to the alarm install trying to figure out what went wrong. I've driven around for over a year without parking lights. I posted numerous questions about it on a car forum. Gee! What the hell could be wrong! Maybe the fucking light bulb burnt out, you freakin idiot!!!