Monday, March 19, 2007

Tonka Trucks

I am a kid in a sandbox...

Well, I am kid watching a kid in a sandbox. But it's still cool.

I am not a high rankiing person in my company. I just happen to have a cubicle that is against a wall, and that wall happens to have a window. But that window is pretty neat sometimes.

Right now, for instance.

Those of you that don't know, it snowed this past weekend. So the parking lots that I look down on (I'm on the 8th floor), have a lot of snow piles.

Right now, there is a front end loader (the BIG kind, not the backyard kind) that is filling its scoop up with snow, and dropping it into the back of a dump truck. A couple scoops will fill the dump truck. Once full, the truck drives away to the back end of the lot, and dumps the snow into a larger pile. Meanwhile, a second dump truck is in position with the front end loader...

It is the quintessential Tonka Truck sandbox routine.

And I'm far enough away that they are toy-sized.

All in all, very satisfying.

WoW, I am doomed

That's it. The world is over.

I am now hooked on World of Warcraft.

Any chance I had of leading a normal life is done.

I now have a Night Elf Warrior that is running around killing Giant Spiders and Swamp Beasts, while I collect flowers to make potions. I am concerned with the type if armour I have and how many arrows I have left.

And I'm thinking about making another character so that I can take some of the potions my Night Eld Warrior is making, and use them to enchant items...

I am fearful that this will impact my ability to follow the Red Sox.

I made a good run at being a normal adjusted person. But then they took D&D and turned it into a video game. I'm done.